The PERGOLA system is an innovative system made entirely of aluminum. The market need for watertight shading systems led to the design of an advanced system with rotating louvers. Also, it is designed to absorb any noise that might be caused during the movement of the louvers. The rotating louvers provide protection from sunlight in sunny weather conditions. Its advanced controlled water flow system ensures protection in rain conditions. The modern design in combination with the variety of colors and the option of automated systems, makes it the ideal choice for use in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas in modern houses, luxury hotel facilities and dining places.


Watertight shading system with rotating louvers


Made entirely from aluminium

Special Features

Louver moving noise cancellation system

Optional items

Variety of automated smart systems

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The minimal innovative system for a perfect result in any space. An innovative high quality system, with emphasis on detail. It balances modern elegance with energy efficiency. Feel the frameless transparency from floor to ceiling.